Tired of admins who abuse their powers? Join our server!

Some friends and I, like you, got tired of admins who used their powers to get back at anyone who killed them or raided their base. So we decided to start our own! It’s Vanilla Rust, no mods or add-ons except for CheatPunch. Sleepers and PVP are both enabled and we’ve reduced crafting time to half. We also won’t be conducting any wipes unless some major update from Facepunch requires it or due to server lag from 1,000s of players worth of buildings.

The server is based in San Jose California (SHARKS BABY!) and we’ll have airdrops at peak times.

Being friendly to noobs is encouraged, but not necessarily required. And griefing the bases of other players will be frowned upon. Otherwise, have fun!

[US West] Noob Friendly / No Wipes / Fair Play / Sleepers FRESH 3/24

We made a couple of changes! Added Oxide/Oxmin and starter kits! We have 8 players who are on consistently but we’re tired of killing each other. WE NEED YOU!

Server features: Sleepers, PVP, Zero Admin Abuse, Half-Craft, Airdrops at 30, No Wipes, and 2x Starter Kits! Not to mention zero lag! **Come check us out. **

FRESH 3/24 |No Wipe|Noob Kits|Fair Play|PVP|Sleepers|