tired of getting banned

I’m tired of getting banned on every server i play. I’m just running around the map and hunting people for their kevlars, m4 and other stuff. And when people’s whine is exceeding any limits - admin says: “please leave server”. What a bullsh*t. Idk where to go now with my 650 hours in rust. Any ideas?

You should play on official servers then, no admins to boss you around :slight_smile:

people get so butthurt when they die. last time i played this game i was doing what you were doing running around the map hunting players. i almost did a full circle around the map and then i ran into a group of 4 people standing around talking in the middle of field, i kill all of them(twice). And then one of them turns on his hacks and speed hacks up to me and kills me.

Not every server is like this. Just join one with a good reputation and you should be okay. Or official.

I feel for you man, we played on a server called “Royal Rust” killed the admin and got banned. I’ve seen both sides of the coin. For the life of me I simply cant understand why someone would spend $20 for a game then research hacks, use them, then cry when they get caught. I’m not sure if the hacks cost money or not. But seriously PM me here if you just wanna through money away. I will give you my paypal.

You’ll have to go to Official or a strict PvP server. Point of fact: You’re not good for the majority of communities. This isn’t your fault, and it’s not their fault. You have different play-styles and approach the game differently. The majority of people want to play a survival fps, you want to play a pure fps. There’s nothing wrong with either, it’s just that you’re bad for business in driving players away from servers that focus more on the spirit of the game rather than the mechanics of the game. The utilitarian PoV says to do the best thing for the greater number, this is not you.

So, adjust your play-style, play on official, play on servers that spawn kevlar/mp4’s for you, or go play csgo/bf4/cod style games that are more in line with your play-style.

I only interfere on my server if bad griefing occurs, such as locking someone in a shack or base or destroying a key set of stairs and blocking the base off with a ceiling, rendering the entire base useless. Yea, it could’ve been built better, but the blocker is wrong. I believe KoS and other generally aggressive PvP play styles are fair game in Rust. I’m not banning because the game is being played.

i was going to say something like this, so ill +1 this response. Admittedly i was thinking to myself “stop being a dick and you wont get banned” but this is a better way to say it. Find a server that better suits your play style, a fair majority of players although enjoy a little pvp, arent interested in being on a strictly pvp server, rather it be a part of the overall focus than the primary focus. As with most players and their varied complaints about servers, just find one that works for you. Over 5000 servers, you have options

don’t feel to bad… I got banned off of Multiplay[TRU Survival] server because I defended a raid of 4 guys by myself. Whats worse is that the admins weren’t even on, so im not sure how I got banned.

admins dont have to be ingame to ban. If one of the players had an out of game communication with the admin, he could use his control panel outside of game and do it

I could do with more pvp’ers on my server, I couldn’t care less if you kill me or raid me, I might spawn 1000’s chicken in your house when I get bored but thats about all. if people cry then I say kill em more. I got banned from a server for putting my rock in the admins box

Didn’t realize that they could do that. but I was falsely banned either way. it happens, just means im going to take my crew and go somewhere else after they spread the admin abuse around. :slight_smile:

admins can flag people to kick and ban

Meant to up this comment, it’s spot on.