Tired of Hackers? VAC taking up to 3 months to Ban? Abusing Admins?

Dear Rust players!

Would you like to play Rust the way it was meant to be played? Where every player has the same possibilities and nobody has any super powers i.e hacking or admin powers?
Play with mature players that are there to enjoy the game just like you?

For the last couple of days i have been playing Rust and i truly love the game and the concept behind it. However, Hackers and abusers are truly ruining the game experience. You either, spend hours farming to loose it to a hacker on a public server, or you get abused by an admin on a private server, not all but generally. The other night i lost 10hours of material to a Admin on a private server who hunted bases with a group of friends. Before that me and my friends lost 20 hours of items to a aimbot/C4 duping hacker.

Im tired of this and belive this game should be played the way it was meant to play. This happened to me and my friends in DayZ aswell, before the standalone, either hackers got you or admins, by unfair means, naturally you can loose it to regular players, part of the game. Back then we started a server with its own comunity that was up for well over a year. The same active admins that banned over 1000 accounts are now moving here to monitor and run what we belive will be a great community server with 100% fairplay.

My ambition is to start a longrunning server with its own comunity on a server where you can be assured the game will be played the way its meant to be and tho we wish to have a community with a higher age we do not shun anyone as long as you can behave civil. You will never see an admin abusing their powers, if they do we will replace them, they will farm and play just like you do. The only “tools” the admins will use are monitoring for unatural behavior/hacks, kick and ban. The core admin group will concist of 2 master admins that will not favour any group or clan, you will probably not even know who they are.

The other Admins will be give confidence over time and only use the monotor/ban/kick function.

Once the community has grown to fit the 250 slots we will whitelist the server and only people recomended by the community will be able to access it.

If this looks like a place for you, welcome!

To join, press F1 once you started the game to bring up the console, then type:

net.connect eude70.playrust.eu:28005

If you have any questions or ideas dont hesitate to PM me here!

Good luck surviving out there!


HA ! My friend and I got raided by an admin yesterday with godmode. Pretty lame… I might take a look at your server if my friend doesn’t get one :smiley: