Tired of playing alone. Looking for a group of 3-5 people

If you are interested just reply to this :slight_smile:

I’ll PM ya with my steam ID!

EDIT: I lied, guess I can’t PM ya.

Post your steam ID brotha! I play with a group of about 10. Been gaming with most of them for 7 years.

yep, that’s right, fall like the rest of them and take the easy way out by having to rely on others. because that’s what the game is filled with right now, babies who aren’t good enough to play solo so they have to rely on their full kev friends with m4s just to take out a solo player wielding a pickaxe.

Hey we are looking for players to join us in a RUST group! We have a good amount of members separated into groups by region. Were looking for Asia/Australia, US and EU players to join us! If interested, go here and apply today! nwoclan.org

There are clans recruiting on net.connect
Join up and tell them you need a group!