Tired of server hopping? We are looking for groups to coordinate with

We are a small group of 4-5 adult gamers and, like many of you, we are tired of hopping between servers unable to find the one we are looking for. We are tired of investing hours of our time just to be devastated by admin abuse, questionable server settings, insanely over-populated servers, and servers where a majority of the population are all allianced and wreck unbridled havoc on any small groups trying to band together.

We would like to find other like-minded groups of similar size who want to coordinate with us in building a fun server to play on (We have servers we can use but are willing to go other places as well). Ideally, we would like to find a few groups like us, coordinate a server to use, and do a fresh wipe so we all start at the same time. If you have a group of friends that you play with, and you are experiencing similar frustrations reply here, PM me, or send an email to RTGamingRust@gmail.com and we can talk to you about our plans and discuss the details.

We are not trying to build an in-game alliance but rather find some cool groups who want to compete in a mature PVP environment.


I have an upcoming server with a small community and an own big clan since we also weren´t able to find the right server.

We are waiting for you!!!

Join my server for a nice community: net.connect
Website: 4heroes.pw

I appreciate the info, but I should have mentioned in the initial thread that we are all US based. We have 2 servers located central that are use-able if needed for this.

Still looking for a few more groups who are interested. Hit me up and lets get to talking some details. Our group usually looks for the following settings but we are willing to leave it up to discussion with anyone who is interested.

-Oxide for door sharing, and kits
-1/2 crafting is a plus but not 100% needed
-PVP and Sleep on


You can join our server ’ [AU]WorldsEnd-PVP_NoSleepers ’

The Admin Are very helpful and open to suggestions to changes,
or they will just leave you to play your own game if that is what you want.

The purpose of this thread seems to have been a little vague as I seem to just be getting spammed with “come to our server” requests.

We are not interested in joining an ongoing server. Ideally we would like to start on a freshly wiped server, in which we coordinate with a few other groups on the wipe time, and so we can all start at the same time.

We would like groups of similar size. We have 4 active players and 1 that kind of hops on and off every few days.

We can use your server, or one of ours. The main purpose is to be able to start fresh with 3-4 other groups of similar size and let the server grow naturally from there.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, hit me up!

hey there is a group of 5-6 of my friends also looking for a stable server. We own our own server also but no one is on there lol

Awesome, well talk to your friends and see if they are interested. If we could find like 2 more groups around the size of yours and mine that are all interested we could coordinate a server wipe somewhere and startup a fresh server.

Let me know if your guys want to be a part of this. :dance:

Hey guys, me and my 6 buddies just started our own server. If people can coordinate with me, we are looking to wipe so everyone can start fresh at the same time.

We are pretty much always on and completely addicted so we are very active. :slight_smile:

Admins will be fair and of course no hacking!!!

No sleeper server, stable, with door sharing and half crafting time. (OXIDE)

Ideally, we want players who are cool, reasonable but also competitive for raids etc.

To join, just open the F1 menu and copy and paste the following: net.connect

[PHX] The Founders-Oxide-Half craft is the name of the server

This is exactly the idea me and 2 buddies have been waiting for.
We are down for this idea so lets get this going.
My ideas would be rare mil weapons and c4.
Other than that im down so let me know and hopefully the ping is good.

How set are your guys on the “no sleep” setting? My guys, and myself included like the idea of sleep being on and I don’t think any of us are willing to bend on that one. Let me know. Thanks man :slight_smile:

I’ve got a group of 3 or 4 of us that haven’t quite started yet (have played around a bit on several servers, just trying to get a feel for the game) but would love to have a server to call home.

TC you need to make a list of people who are down with this so we can see what were working with .

Kokuryuha, Hoofarted, RussX22 - It sounds like we may have enough to do this and get things started. The idea is that with 3-4 active small groups the server will have enough population to naturally grow with a few people here and there over time. But with the few small groups we have enough to have some good fun and competition.

send me an email with your steam name or someway I can get in touch with you as soon as you can and we can hash out the exact details where it’s easier to chat off the forums. Send it to RTGamingRust@gmail.com

Or you can PM me here

Sent you an email and pretty much already agree with the way you want to take this.
Not looking for friends, just looking for groups to battle with and play the game the way its supposed to be without senseless griefing and being d bags to each other.

email sent.

Sounds like we have a lot of interest. I believe I have responded to everyone’s emails now. I will be sending out the wipe time shortly. Any other groups interested contact us via email and I will make sure you are involved.

Sounds good man ill be off work in an hour and ready to rock after that.

Hey I talked to my group and it sounds like we would all be willing to set it to a Sleeper. Im actually excited about this. Hope this pans out :slight_smile:

We just wiped the server. We generated a good bit of interest from this thread and coordinated with about 4 groups of 3-5 people. Sounds like it should be a good time! If anyone else wants server details I created a thread in the proper forum to advertise it:


I hope I can link that here without risk of getting in trouble. :smile:

Don’t miss out on this server if you are tired of bad admins and bad servers full of d bags.
Servers great so get your buddies and lets get it poppin.