Tired of whining, let's focus on the real problems.

I see people posting about how large groups ruin the survival aspect of the game…Look at walking dead? There will always be a dominant force and if you aren’t clever enough to take them out then it’s your fault…A dominant force is usually the most hated clan
on the server…So why not socialize and raise an army? Or plan an assault when the enemy is offline, or bait them into a position and attack them from a covered location with plenty of grenades, OR (I’ve seen this done only once) Send a suicide bomber in with c4
and plant it on the ground where they’re standing. While you’re shooting and throwing frag grenades :slight_smile: There are pros and cons of being a dominant force…And coordination is a huge factor in them, also the real problem in Rust is Hackers and admin abusers…
Sometimes even admins that ARE hackers :c every server that I have been on , my rust experience has been ruined by aimbotters,terrible admins,or both… :confused: I’ve never been able to fight a huge group with my clan :slight_smile: So if you have a server that is 50+ All the time,
with very friendly admins that do not abuse and want the best for their server :slight_smile: please post the ip below so my group can join :smiley: Thankyou

This. People are whining too much over simple problems that can be avoided really easy. I stocked up full inventory and just moved ontop of mt.everust and all my problems were solved. Before I moved to mt.everust I would raid huge clans solo, while they were offline. Be smart and stop whining, don’t cry if your house right by the road gets raided while you keep rebuilding it.

The only way to survive is to keep hidden.
That’s everything.
Scout your enemies, hit them while they’re vulnerable.
You also can beat bigger groups if you do it right.
They can’t fight what they can’t see.

But sure that’s no solution to beat cheaters. That’s a matter of the development.

Can we not compare this game to how real life would work? In RL, the disadvantage of being in a group is that its hard to hide and as a result if someone wanted to kill you they can just pick you off one by one. Since there is no respawn, it actually matters when people die. In a GAME, you respawn making picking people off insignificant. Their supplies will just be picked up by the group and given right back to them. Regardless, that’s not even what the problem is.

The problem is, people in huge groups can create a ton of c4 and raid any base within a few days of a fresh wipe. Unless you are willing to walk 30 minutes to any resources, your base will be raided quite easily.

You know, i dont know when or if the devs will fix the base game but what i really want to see is a official modding framework so servers can implement custom gameplay. I want to see something like minecraft-wars/source-forts where there is a build phase (where your team works hard to make defenses and an attack phase where you fight… Also all guns/ammo/armor is free. Hmm we also need custom map creation tools so we can get some proper arena maps going.

When is the OP going to say something about “the real problems” ?? All I read was more whining…

The large groups are definitely hated. Sometimes to a fault. People were actually cheering on a hacker and trying to confuse the admins so the hacker wouldn’t get banned. He was flying around with a speed hack using an aim bot against our group. I think there was about 15 of us and we were all dead in under 10 seconds, all with head shots.

On a second note, I wish I had recorded it so people can see what an aim bot actually is. And stop hackusating all of the time.

The devs should add base defences…like powerful turrets with tons of recoil…so raiders have to bring some barricades with them. Or booby traps… Also about the huge groups, i have ran a 30man group and it is very hard to distinguish and coordinate when we are raiding. Smaller groups can coordinate much easier and set up ambushes with grenades suicide bombers, snipers,close range guys with shotguns and m4’s (you will be surprised how effective this really is) also, on one server there was one group with 15 men. So i raised an army … Of everyone who hated the group on the server and we ended up raiding them! Large groups tend to attract more attention and cause more havoc! So use that to your advantage

i get the raising an army thing, but when a server has a mega fortress from a 20 man group in 6 hours after a wipe, everyone just leaves, and really why bother, at that stage there isnt much you can do