TireIron Swep?

Does anyone have a link to a tire iron weapon?
If not is anyone able to make one it would be real easy basically just an alternate style of crow bar

heres sorta what i want it to look like got this image from google

The lead pipe looks a bit like it:

sorta im just asking so i can do some fallout 3 jokes with a copla friends id be willing to trade some maps of anyone wants to?

imo, every Fallout Model should be ported. XD but imagine the work involved…

…and the file size.

But there are more worthy models from Fallout that needs to be ported, like Fawkes, Yao Guai, Super Mutants etc. If you find a model called “The Driver” that has a tire iron along with a bunch of other cool stuff.



Oh you want a Fallout 3 tire iron, Its in this pack: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=699039&highlight=fallout+3

thanks all of you i was kinda stupid not to search for fallout weps lol but yea that tire iron is exactly what i need

and the driver pack is sweet too

Edit* those sweps dont seem to work for me anyone else got a link?