Titan Quest Models?

Yes, I know it’s a top view RPG. The fact remains though, for whatever reason, the artists made some really good models for the characters. We’re talking models that stand up to being zoomed in all the way here, if the games details are maxed.

Naturally, it being a fantasy game, it has lots of models of random fantasy things we could use in Gmod. Also, it being a modable game itself, there’s probably ways to extract stuff from it.

I don’t have time for this, but for those who do, I’d request that someone at least look into porting stuff from it. We’d get tons of random stuff to play with.

I only see the problem of lack of bone count for the more complicated monsters, but a bit of creativity, such as making the larger or complicated ones seperate pieces would fix that.

Since your giving that idea, I guess you already saw Septok’s port(I mean the Hydra he ported from Titan Quest).

Maybe ask him.

The model format of that game is actually quite well documented and I wrote a basic animation toolkit last year.

I’d write an auto-porter, but I can’t find any decent documentation on the texture format and I honestly don’t know anything about the source file formats (apart from the wiki and some header files).

Tamschi, could you post a link to that animation toolkit, or a tool we can use to rip to something like .obj?

If we can get all the rigging and such from the game itself, making ragdolls of the characters and monsters should just be a matter of opening such ripped .obj/3ds files and saving/compiling them in HL model format. Rigging and weighting stuff is what takes most of the time/effort to compile/convert things, so any way to steal that data from the game files into other formats would help.

Yeah, ideally we could hit a button and save all the file data to .mdl format, but I can’t help much with that. My impression, just from working with saving stuff into HL2, is that the HL2 mdl format is a mess of “stuff that often times just happens to work like magic, and other times totally goes bonkers”. :stuck_out_tongue:

My impression of you darkgriffin is that you’re trying to act like you know what you’re talking about, but in reality you really have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

I’m already working on this crap, but college is taking a priority.

I’d do a quick porter for the anims if someone told me exactly how the animation files work that you get with mdldecompiler.

My impression of you is that you probably insult a lot of things, and don’t seem to like anything you’re working on, seeing as such projects are “crap”.

Anyway, updates anyone?