Titanfall 1/2 Playermodels and Props

Hello there guys.
I just wanted to ask this here so everyone will see this (and not just people in the Titanfall Thread).
I wanted to know if someone can possibly release on the Gmod workshop Millitia Pilots,Grunts and Story Characters Playermodels? Along with IMC story characters other than Blisk (since someone already posted a PM for him).
It would also be nice if someone could perhaps also make a Titanfall prop pack? (Dosen’t need to be too big, just enough props such as vehicles, crates, tech etc).
I don’t know how hard it is to perform these tasks but if anyone has free time, and the knowledge, please consider doing so :3

I wouldn’t get your hopes up for playermodels for quite a while. As for vehicle models, here. I need to update this though, for example I don’t think the Militia fighter’s textures work properly in what I have uploaded.

I don’t necessarily need Titanfall 2 PM’s, if hat’s what you mean.
Also thank’s for the models, where should I place the files though?

In your gmod addons folder