Titanfall 2 models?

So I have the vehicle models from tf2, but are there any more source ready models ripped from the game?

Not happening, sorry.

why tho

EA is issuing DMCA and/or C&D orders to anyone porting content from Titanfall 2, basically shitcanning any projects the modding community had in mind for porting the content from Titanfall 2 to other games/engines.

What a bunch of cunts. Good thing the deep web and VPN’s exist.

Only a few people have the combination of knowledge, skill and sheer give-a-shit to pull stuff from Respawn’s mutant Source engine. It would not be difficult to track down who did what the moment one of those models was used in a public-facing poster or video.

Whether or not that paranoia is particularly valid, it’s why nobody’s especially willing to make the first move. Especially not when there’s so many other games to mess around in the guts of with more complacent developer/publisher combos.

Public releases are not possible at the moment, but nothing is stopping a private release.