TitanFall: Ports and hacks WIP thread [Standby For Titanfall!]

TitanFall Ports and Hacks Thread

VPKTool Release


-Added experimental Xbox360(BPK) archive support
-Added BSPInspect tool(beta)
-Fixed extract all dialog window saving incorrect folder path location.
-Fixed issue with application settings save
-Removed debug SelectedPath/InitialDirectory constants
-Implemented additional audio patcher (fixes extraction errors for good!)
-Fixed extraction of the root elements showing up in a folder called RootDir
-Reworked repacker once again (added compression option SLOW!)
-Optimized repacking code (faster CRC32 calculation) (Repacks a LOT faster)
-Removed check of filesizes in repacker
-Added Debug log generation for repacking
-Updated sound lookup table (should fix all 6ch sounds)
-Major bug fix with VPK structure reading
-Added support for foreign localization vpks
-Implemented fallback extraction mechanism for files which fail to export (refer to blogpost for more info)
-Fixed bug with sound patching that would not fix certain sound files
-Fixed 6 channel sound file patchs
-Fixed file associations causing the extracted files to be 0bytes
-Reworked repacker code
-Reworked sound patching
-Reworked memory handling fixes ('System.OutOfMemoryException') exception errors
-Various UI fixes
-Added "View Export Folder" option to export dialog for faster access
-Added extraction log to keep track of what failed and what got extracted successfully
-Added Recent Files option to the File menu.
-Added Repacking support(beta)
-Added Drag N Drop option for extracting folders (thanks again to Master131 for his help)
-Updated tool for the public release of the game
-Updated tool to use a single executable, great for portability
-Sound export improved actually reads wav.acache and extracts the wavs properly(thanks to JP Neufeld for his lookup table!!!)
-Improved extraction logic
-Tool now removes sharp sound at the beginning and end of each wav file
-Fixed an issue with unhandled exceptions crashing the error window or not displaying the error window at all
-Fixed a UI bug where extraction window displays the ok button while extracting
-Fixed a rare case where extraction doesn't work after extraction window has been closed
-Fixed "extract all" not working after cancelling the extract
-Fixed output extraction dialog window not saving history of previous extract location
-Fixed auto-update check logic
-Removed verbose debugging information
-Added Localization support for vpks
-Updated VPK Parsing logic
-Added option to patch sounds on export (Yes thats right sound extraction works now!)
-Patch VTF Option now auto-detects ATI2N textures and converts them. (Those broken normalmaps)
-Fixed bug with flipped normals in ATI2N Tool's tga export
-Fixed UI issues with root folders not displaying it's child folder content
-Fixed issue with extraction of single item not displaying output folder dialogbox
-UI speed improvements
-Updated ATI2Normal tool to export to TGA (thanks to Master131)
-Added ATI2Normal Tool for converting normal maps that are broken to DDS(Direct Draw Format)
-Added extraction code
-Extraction now works for most things besides sounds
-UI fixes
-Initial Release











Go for it Respawn don’t mind unless it’s for commercial use

Thanks a ton for your work on this. The models look great and everyone owes you a lot of respect :slight_smile:

I hope someone will make a version of bspsrc for this engine version, i wanna rip apart these vmfs

Is it me or are the textures that damn blurry?

When you take screenshots of the models in the view port of 3ds max they are blurry and lower res, they wouldn’t look like that if they was rendered.

Some bloody smashing things could come from this. Can’t wait for it to come to fruition.

I forgot that it wasn’t rendered, but at the same time; rendering makes it look better than it would in-game.

In addition, there are some spots you can pretty much pick out as generally looking pretty poor for a next gen game

don’t think i’ve ever seen models t-posed quite like that before -'cept maybe killzone’s models:

i imagine it’s because most of these characters would be rarely seen without some kind of gun, but even then i can’t imagine that it’d be useful for much else than that

other than that, really excited about this vpktool! I’m planning on building a rifleman cosplay for SDCC but I can’t find any amount of decent reference online, so i’m definitely gonna use the hell out of this

Didn’t they mention outright replacing a lot of their map tools, including the compiler? Might be very hard to get them into a form that the Valve engine will even consider talking with.

Mmm i’m gonna have a field day with this, really want to see if i can put the Spectres and Grunts in Garry’s Mod.

Public beta release out check the OP :smile:

Prepare to rev up those robot sex poses.

Awesome thanks for all your hard work, although any chance to get crowbar released as well i really wanna take a look at some of these awesome pilot models?

ZeqMacaw is working on it just be patient please

What about the VTFs? I tried to open one and VTFEdit told me to fuck off.

Should work fine

Doesn’t seem to work for me, it opens for split second, then window hides and process vanishes.

Killzone 3’s models look sexy as fuck, I want them

Alright i will wait,I know you guys have already done so much for us and i’m probably asking for to much but i was just wondering will there ever be animation support?

They all work except the normal maps which I will make a tool vtf2dds.exe which u just drag drop them and it will spit out a .DSS file. Some normals are in DXT11 BC5 format