Titans of Rust| Friendly Admin | AirDrops | Oxide | Door Sharing | New Server |Chicago

Hello and welcome!! We just recently opened a new server and are looking for new players.

Also, we listen to the players of the server, if you have a suggestion that you would like to see added to the server just ask.

Player Voted/Changes
Explosive Charge/Supply Signal Market Price Increase
Normal spawns
Instant Crafting time

Economy (Farming/Selling Item/Killing Zombies and Players)
Teleport to Friend (Limited Once per Life/Server Restart)
Edited Loot spawns.
Door Sharing
0 Crafting Time
Admins have LIMITED Powers
Clan Grouping System

We’re currently using OXIDE and we’re improving the plugins that we use.

Lot At the moment is normal but that may change in time. Just keep updated in-game.

The Economy is a simple system that will allow players to Mine/Sale/Trade in order to purchase
Wood, Food, Metal Fragments, Basic Weapons, Weapon Blueprints, and Explosive Charges
Also Players will be awarded for killing Zombies.
The amount of money will vary per item the lower tier items of course will result in a lower

(Teleport to Friend)
Friends can now easily find each other by using the
/tpa username
feature which will allow them to Teleport to their friend.
If someone wants to TP to Someone they must send a REQUEST.

As with all my servers I limit the amount of powers that the Admins can have and with the OXMIN Plugin it allows me to edit it easily. As far as I know we are the only group that actually limits the Admins Powers.
What my Admins can Do
Warn, Kick, Ban, Call Airdrop, Teleport to Player (A Notice will Popup if an Admin Teleports in Chat) Admins are all over the age of 25.

What my Admins Cannot Do
Give Items to Self or other Players, Turn on Godmode.

Like I said, if an Admin Teleports to a Player to check them out an Alert will be posted
in Chat, an alert in chat will say “Admin #Adminname, Teleported”. It will not say to who. The will reduce if not eliminate Admin Abuse.

Connect to the Server by Press F1 and enter