!title addon?

Hey i went on this server and there was an addon thing that it would show the players name above their head and they had a title

The command was
!title “Title Here”

And i cant find it anywhere

any help pl0x?

What server was it?

BIO Server 1


any help?

Perhaps it was this old addon? Download link was removed though.


I Need That addon D;

Ask Nevec. Im sure he would be happy to give it to you (If he still has it)

Yeah, Just PMed him.

Lets Pray he has it XD


Nope no reply =[

Gee, no reply after an hour? All hope must be lost! Give people time, to reply, he might be in a different time zone to you.


Nobody Ever Replies my PMS


Why the hell did you bump nearly an year old thread?..


ULX SVN Player Title II - Name and Title Display

…requires ULX SVN, ofc

holy fuck, I didn’t see that, I thought it said august 2010. I don’t know how I found this… I’m really sorry, fuck i feel stupid…