Titon Gaming Naval Roleplay. New jobs and Alot of building tools.

Hello, I’m CammmY from Titon gaming here to tell you about Titon’s gaming naval Roleplay. Lets start.

Titon Naval Roleplay is a very fun rp where you can stay at harbour and maybe live a life as a gun dealer2 or many other jobs, or go out to sea and adventure into dangerous waters, make a boat or a plane, stay t shore its you’re choice!

Our Naval Roleplay has many jobs such as:

Gun Dealer
Heavy Gundealer
Black Market Dealer
Secret Agent
Civil Protection
Mob Boss

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Woops, Messed up the ip placement,
The ip is :

Also we have many tools that you can use, more than alot of servers !

Why do you have so many jobs?
They’re so oddly specific.

There isn’t allot of jobs, I think they’re fine.
(I’m the owner.)

Theres about 16 jobs all together.

Can a moderator delete this double-thread? The other one is the real thread.

So this is navy based, but why do you have HL2 civil protection?

By “naval”, he means it’s DarkDM HL2RP on a boat map.