TK from dead rising 2 ragdoll

i know he is not a favorite char in that game but can anyone make a ragdoll of him, not zombie version or him with coat

it would be good for deadrising gmod videos

Oh, i know who THIS is.


Like i’ve said before and will say again, it’s almost impossible to port ragdolls. Even bloo’s having a hard time with Chuck Greene SWAT outfit version, and he’s the god of ragdolls and models.

then how did the person who made chuck greene ragdoll make it

and you only said it once to me and this is the first time

No I’m not, I just don’t want to work on him. :v:

The person who made the Chuck Greene model ripped him from the game using 3d ripper dx. It’s a good program but a bitch to use, better to port him.

Ripper would be a million times better if the textures didn’t fuck up a lot when ripping

guys you got to try someone could make a comic or video of tk and chuck fighting…WITH TF2 OR L4D2 WEAPONS

when its done