- TL [US Central] Oxide| New 1/14/14 | .5 Craft | Sleepers | Team Leagacy's Server!

Come join us on the TL server ! We have active admins all the time . Explosives do drop but their drop is as rare if not more so than kevlar blue prints, also removed paper.

.5 Craft
Oxide Mod pack
Shareable Doors
Explosives drop from zombies
Airdrop once per day
Active Admin
Welcome groups!

Server connection info :

This Friday (1/17/14) 5pm Central after the server wipe we will be hosting and event where TL will be in small groups pitted against each other! Come join us for some pvp mayhem!

TL broken into Red and Blue? Sounds fun!

PS: Thank you for your quick response on banning the speed hackers.

All your chocolate belongs to me. Thats right. I want your chocolate. Bring it and don’t expect me to share. Shotguns appreciated too.

Friday night, be there. We will have team vs team activity. I promise to run away squealing like a little girl. Tower haunting appreciated too.

The Event starts today , come join us!