TLB [US/Chi]PvP|RareC4/Mil|Groups|PM's|Rewards|CP [Wiped 16/3/2014]

Just start up the game, press F1 to bring up your console and type net.connect

We recently wiped the server on 13/2/2014. Unfortunately this was due to switching providers.

A thread containing our server rules can be found here

The server is running the following configuration.

Welcome and Respawn Kits
C4 is craftable but Explosives are not. You must find explosives to craft C4.
Non-craftable Nades/M4/MP5/P250/Shotgun and 556 Ammo (Available in loot drops/spawns)
Crafting times cut in half
Groups (Manage your own group)
Chat History
Decay is off
Rare military gear (Kevlar, M4, MP5, Nades)
Remover (Remove those pesky misplaced pillars!)
Admin Support
Friendly, helpful players
No Hackers
Minimal server wipes

Please note that not all of these mods have been vetted properly and there may be issues which cause us to remove one or more of these plugins. This list is subject to change.

Here is a list of commands on our server.

The commands are as follows:

/help to see a partial list of in-game commands
/rules to see our server rules
/vote shows you where to vote
/voted collects your reward
/location to see your GPS coordinates
/ghelp to see a list of commands about setting up a group
/share playername or /unshare playername
/remove to remove misplaced structures
/Players to see who’s online
/ping to see your connection to the server
/history to see previous chat messages
More to come…

Currently about 30 total players on our 100 pop server. Looking to get more people onboard in order to fully enjoy the game and it’s PvP aspect :slight_smile:

Large and small clans alike are encouraged to come check us out.

Looking forward to meet more new people and shooting them on sight :wink:

The server is still runnning strong but lacking in players right now.

Be sure to give us a look and see if we’re worth spending some time with.

We ran a server wipe this evening 28/1/2014 and ran with a bit of a new setup.

We are currently using DropParty and have disabled the ability to craft C4.
Decay has currently been disabled until the population of the server picks up a bit. (this is always debatable).
Starter Kits are available as well as friends lists. Having people in your friends list will negate friendly fire damage from you.
Crafting time has been cut in half.

Stop on by and check us out. We’re adding and tweaking things all the time. We’re open to suggestions and look forward to working with our playerbase to make it one of the more enjoyable servers out there.

Still plenty of room for new players.

Stop on by and give us a look!

Running Rust++ 1.5.1
No craftable C4
Friends list with friendly fire negation
Crafting times have been cut in half
Starter Kits
No Decay
Private messaging
The world is less than 24 hours old.
Minimal Lag
No hackers
We have comprehensive admin support.

Stop on in and see if you like the setup. We look forward to meeting you

Currently 15 players online! Always room for more!

Stop in and give us a look!

The server is doing well.

Everyone seems to be fairly pleased with the way the server is setup and managed.

Please take the time to poke your head in and say hello. We’re always looking forward to meeting new players.

We’re growing little by little.

Be sure to stop in and look around.

We’re friendly and helpful to all new players. Check us out, you’ll see.

Had quite a few new players jump on this evening. Everyone seems to be enjoying the server.

Stop in and give us a try. Hopefully we can meet your Rust needs :wink:

Me and some friends joined this server and things were going well until there was a fight and some shit talking back and forth. The shit talking continued by the other side when we had stopped and we told them to basically shut the f— up. It kept going and we again told them to shut the f— up. We were banned. Kids got cranky they lost to guys in bows, talked mad smack trying to deflect it, then just banned when we complained about them continuing to talk. Admins on this server not so great.

If I remember correctly, it was the language that was used toward the admin that got your friends banned.

However, as you failed to mention, it was a temporary ban and we have all gotten along great since then. So much so that one of your members was on our TS hanging out with me and a few other people. Nice guy. I enjoyed meeting him.

Beyond that, the server is doing great. We’ve been able to get some really friendly and helpful people onboard, as well as the people who like the PvP side of things. So far things seem to be balancing themselves out.

As always, we’re more than happy to have more players join up.

Stop in and check us out. We’re trying to tip her over the 30 player mark this evening.

We might just be the server you’re looking for :wink:

The server is doing well. We have a nice little core of players who enjoy just about every aspect of the game.

Stop in and give us a try. We hope to see you there.

The evening crowd is picking up steam :wink: However we are lacking in a morning crowd.

This of it like this; With all of those players during the evening building, gathering etc etc etc… it’s a virtual playground for people on the morning side of things :wink:

Just sayin :wink:

The crowd seems to be thinning out a bit with some players (noobs) simply not liking a PvP server. This is understandable and is bound to happen.

We are still very active and looking for players to increase our server population.

We’re friendly and have active admins. By friendly I mean we’re not dicks. We’ll chat with you and have a good time…but we’ll kill you if something isn’t worked out before hand :wink:

Stop on in. Give us a try. See if you like the server.

The modified loot tables might just be enough to keep you around :wink:

Stop in this evening and give the server a try. See if you like the other players and the server config and make your own mind up.

We look forward to seeing new players on the server.

The server is currently down for maintenance. Not by choice but because our provider is having some issues on their end.

You can log into the server but you will be unable to interact with anything in-game. (doors, boxes, crates, mobs etc etc etc)

We have recently gone through a major change with our server, the biggest of which was a change in hosting.

As such our info has changed as well as the cord mods we came to love from the old server. On this iteration of the server we are utilizing Oxide and some of the plugins that were designed for it.

In the OP you will see an updated list for our server, complete with commands for each group.

Stop on in and give us a look.

Currently we have about 14-18 players online. We could always use more.

Stop in and check us out. The new server config seems to be making everyone happy happy happy!

The server configuration is looking pretty good right about now. Still some more tweaking to be done but everything is falling into place :slight_smile:

We are currently testing out the PvP/PvE toggle mod for Oxide and haven’t decided if it should stay or go. I believe we are leaning towards getting rid of it and using Zones instead.

Stop in and check us out. We could be well worth your time and effort :wink: