tlsaudrl2548's PMC Release

NOTE: these models are bit suck, rigging too. and one model is fuckin raped. you’d know that when you play garry’s mod with these

Models Preview

(And there’s more. other models are exist)

Model List:
Helmet Wearing PMC
Baseball Cap Wearing PMC
Baseball Cap Wearing PMC 2
Captain Price (lol dont use this)
Baseball Cap Wearing PMC black
Just PMC
Looks bad PMC
(Totally 7 models)


Infinity Ward
who made short sleeved citizens

Hacking, Rigging : tlsaudrl2548(dynamic)
Special Thanks: Predaaaator

Download: (Uploaded at FileSmelt, how great)

you may need chl’s cod4 pack
you may need predaaator’s mw2 pack
you may need short sleeved citizen

Need more?

Looks cool, simkas made the short sleeved citizens.

Looking good there i rly wanted some of those not downloading on this pc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: will l8r

Really nice models.


Look like winners, downloading.

Yeah I made those short sleeved citizens.

whose calling everyone dumb? BTW very nice :smiley:

Mine are missing the textures for the vest and headwear, ideas?

Did you put them in your addons folder? put them in the models and materials folders.

Upload to filefront or something, the files keep getting corrupted for me.

Also, are the kneepads being held by superglue?

I’m missing textures for the models, mainly the faces, headgear and vests.

Also shoes.

It’s the same for me, and I have all of the requirements.

awesome. Thank you Dynamic

Can you at least post a few links to the required packs?

i guess you are korean. aren’t you?
thanks anyway


i dont know
i feel lazy