TMNT Out of the shadows

just played the game and loved it!
Did anyone get around of ripping anything ?

Cripes, the game was just released earlier today. Give it some time.

Garry really needs to disallow request threads in this section.

ok basicly the game just got released so what’s the harm in asking if anyone has given it a go yet?
I tried but all I could find were messed up textures

I doubt they will, they recently merged the two sections together because we had requests and releases. If they merge it and then disallow people from requesting, then were are we going to request?

Nowhere. That’s the point.

Thats stupid.

So are all these retarded request threads. They serve no purpose as do the people who make them.

the ninja models look kinda shitty and weird I think

like wtf

and porting takes actual work, you can’t “Just do it”, just give it time.

“Serve no purpose”

Because requesting something because you cant or are unable to do so its stupid, apparently.

And its not like a request thread has EVER spiraled into a full model porting thing for the entire game or anything.

When it clutters up the section, yes it’s useless. And no, a request suddenly getting everyone to start porting from one game has never happened.

People post the shit they were already working on in those threads because there’s no reason to make another thread. It’s not a case of “hey this guy made a request, let’s all get to work now because we give a shit about him,” it’s “well this guy already made a thread, might as well post progress to something I was already/planning on working on here.” Which then leads to a bunch of idiots coming in and demanding shit because the idiot who made the thread thinks progress is being made because he willed it so.

Well, unless Garry decides to bring back the requests section (which is highly unlikely), there’s no point in bitching about request threads.

Ok lonefirewarior,

First of all I AM trying to get the models out myself.
True I do not know a lot about porting but mariokart tought me a lot of things while we were extracting the metal gear rising models.
My entire point of this thread ( and I thought of the porting/hacking community) was ;
guy a: hey guys I dunno how to do something
guy B: look at this method (link) works for some stuff
Guy A: well it didn’t work but I did find out its in unreal
Guy B: oh in that case check this method out but try this also.

If no one is willing to help eachother then why do we have a community ?
Just for some jackoffs to show off their shit ? Cause I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that we were on deviantart here.

You made a two line op with no pictures and nothing important in it other than “new game is out, does anyone have any models?”

It’s the definition of a shitty request thread.

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Much different than, “Hey I tried using X method to do this and something isn’t working out. Has anyone else had trouble with this?”

The simple truth is the game was just released I believe it’s running on UE3, so until UModel updates for this game you’re SOL. It’s also a PC game, so have you thought of trying one of the screengrab rippers to get models?

Apparently umodel already supports the game for the record.

Yep, that is true.

That is fucking scary.

I’m mainly just after the Shredder. Not sure if Casey Jones is in the game with his hockey mask, but hoping I can get him as well. Hopefully me and Rensole will be able to figure this out eventually.
Also I wonder if this is what the new TMNT movie turtles will look like.

Can we safely assume the ones from TMNT are better looking?