Tmysql 3 causing server to come to a stand-still?

I am not sure if this issue is caused by the tmysql module, or something else that I have on my server, but my server has recently been coming to stand-stills (frozen and doesn’t auto-restart) which forces me to restart it through the TCAdmin CP. This is very annoying and I would like to know if tmysql is known to do this or if it could be something else.

I am currently using TTT as a gamemode on my server and it is 24 slots. The only thing that uses the module is a mask shop I coded. (It has slightly over 1000 rows)

Any help will be appreciated.

I’ll go ahead and assume you only load what’s needed, not all 1000 rows. It shouldn’t do.

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Check for any crash dumps (Probably won’t be any, mine don’t generate any on freeze either)


Yeah I only load a player’s info when they join, not the whole table.

And I can’t check for crash dumps because it’s commercially hosted. :ohdear:

have you tried using mysqloo???

Last time i tried tmysql3 it was pretty fucked up and wouldent return any values for shit, i would recommend using tmysql2

I use tmysql3, works fine.

the version that required a .tbb module crashes. but it was replaced by ‘gm_tmysql3_boost’. haven’t tried that one but the gm_tmysql_v3 works fine.

Also, are you using some free MySQL host? they can cap data fuck the module up hard

Is your MySQL host on the same machine? And what OS are you using? (For the game server and the MySQL host)

If it’s UNIX on the game server: You may have the wrong module or missing libmysql. Or if it’s UNIX on the MySQL server: You may have to specify the UNIX socket. ("/tmp/mysql.sock" usually)