tMySQL and sql.

Im trying to move all my sql. stuff in my gamemode to tMySQL
What I use right now is:


How can I use tMySQL to do this?

You could re-write those functions to use tmysql, or just go learn the tMysql commands. Im really just too lazy to show you, or I would

I’ve learned how to use tMySQL, All I need to know is how to check if a players steamid is found in a table.

local steamID = player.GetByID(1):SteamID();

tmysql.query(“SELECT * FROM table WHERE SteamID = '”…steamID…"’", function(result)
if (result and type(result) == “table” and #result > 0) then
print(“Does not exist!”);

result[1] is the row incase you’re wondering. As for the checking, just use the if statement for if the result is there.