Tmysql Changing primary keys

What is your problem: I am having trouble changing the PK in one of my rows… doesn’t want to change.
What type is your problem (coding, models/materials, addon mods): coding
Is your code serverside, clientside, or shared: serverside
How experienced are you at GLua (new, fair, very): fair.
Did you receive an error: No
If yes, what was the entire contents of this error: N/A
If yes, what color was this error (blue, yellow, red): N/A
Post the source of your error (in lua tags):

tmysql.query(“UPDATE test SET cid=’”…ply:GetNWString(“TempCID”)…"’ WHERE cid=’"…quickie…"’", function(res) end, 1);

Basically just sets the cid value to the temporary networked string TempCID where the cid column for that row equals quickie. (Quickie is just tempcid minus a zero). I was just wondering why the value would still say the same as quickie, and not change to TempCID.

Are you sure :GetNWString(“TempCID”) is actually changing and your code is being called?

Yes I have run several debug type things through it, TempCID isn’t nil or anything of that nature… I can double check, but it seems like my mysql is off.

Could it be my instantiation? of quickie?

local quickie = ply:GetNWString("TempCID") .. "0";