tmysql Errors

I cant seem to get my server to connect to my sql…


if !MySQLLoaded then require("tmysql"); MySQLLoaded = true; end


Couldn't include file 'includes\modules	mysql.lua' (File not found) (@gamemodes/perp/gamemode/sv_perp_reqs.lua (line 1))

[ERROR] gamemodes/perp/gamemode/sv_perp_reqs.lua:1: Module not found!
  1. require - [C]:-1
   2. unknown - gamemodes/perp/gamemode/sv_perp_reqs.lua:1
    3. include - [C]:-1
     4. unknown - gamemodes/perp/gamemode/init.lua:95

I know alot of old modules broke, but i got the up to date ones im pretty sure, but i still dont know whats going on.