tmysql help

Hello! Im using tmysql… however i have never used mysql or ANYTHING like that before… Now not knowing anything about this the tmysql thread does not help me AT ALL! So im asking for a small example on how to connect, save data, and read/return data… this will help so much! Thanks!

Have you already set-up and configured a MySQL server? Just asking as if you haven’t, this is definitely the first step.

MySQL is very simple to INSERT / SELECT data, once you’ve made a connection using tmysql. So if you’ve got a server set-up I’ll gladly give you an example.

Like a database…? Yes i have a website that can host MySQL (sorry if i dont understand i have never done this before!)

That’s ok. So you need your MySQL IP or Domain, and you need to setup a User and Password on MySQL. If you want to join my TS I’ll gladly run you through it using Teamviewer or something, as it’s probably easier to do it on there then explain through messages. Unless you have your username / password and server IP, and know how to use your web server to create a new database and give it a name.