TMySQL Not initializing

I have the following code to hook up to my database:

function mysqlinitiate()
// Hook up to MYSQL database
//host, name, password, database
tmysql.initialize( localhost, root, zetos, hl2rp )

// Check for the tables, make sure there is a return, if no return create tables.
mysqlsetupwhitelist = tmysql.query( "SELECT * FROM hl2rp_whitelist" )
if mysqlsetupwhitelist == nil then
	tmysql.query( "CREATE TABLE hl2rp_whitelist ( STEAMID varchar(255), CP varchar(255), REBEL varchar(255) ) " )
	tmysql.query( "INSERT INTO hl2rp_whitelist VALUES ( test, test, test ) " ) //Create our first row so it does not keep creating table
// Add other tables to be loaded later on.

hook.Add( “Initialize”, “mysql”, mysqlinitiate )

Yet when I set my server up it tells me.

My 12’th line is this one:
tmysql.initialize( localhost, root, zetos, hl2rp )

This is a srcds server
I installed the libmysql.dll in the orangebox folder
and the gm_tmysql.dll in the
just like the instructions said.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

They have to be in quotation or speech marks eg. “localhost”

Ooooh, haha you mean that’s all it is? God I feel stupid now! Thank you so much!