tMySQL using query return values

Simple enough, I’m trying to convert the first result in the result table from a query into a usable variable. When you run a query, it runs the following function (Which is the callback), when I use PrintTable() it prints the query result just fine, but if I use a for loop to print the index followed by its value, it returns me the table’s identifier number. If I try using result[1] or result[“name”], it just returns nil.

[lua]function CheckForSQL(result, status, error)
print(“Checking for SQL…”)
print("Status: "…status)
print("Error: "…error)
for k,v in pairs(result) do


What I want to do is say something like:


And have it output:

Or at least some usable form of data. How can I accomplish this? I really need to get this working. I’m using tMySQL, latest revision, I’ve got it all installed right and yadda yadda, just cant return a usable data type.

Thanks in advance.

print( ?