tmysql4 Error

This is the first time its ever happened
i have both of the modules (tmysql4 and libmysql) they are in the correct spots
(lib > base gmod) (tmysql > lua/bin)

if not SERVER then return end

local host = “"
local database = "
local user = "
local pass = "
local sql_name = "

local Database, error = tmysql.initialize(host,user,pass,database, 3306, nil, CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS)

function SendQuery(QueryText, func)
Database:Query(QueryText, func)
SendQuery(“CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS “…sql_name…” ( steamid VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, rank INTERGER, expire DATETIME )”)

function GW.adminExpire(ply)
Database:Query(“SELECT DATEDIFF(‘expire’, CURDATE()) as diff FROM '”…sql_name…"’ WHERE ‘steamid’=’"…ply:SteamID()…"’")

Database will be false when it fails to connect.

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Also, only require serverside, and connect in the Initialize hook.

Thats the thing it returned True, no error but i found out it was connected without permissions to the database