TMySQL4 not loading

Hello, everyone!
I’m having a problem with TMySQL4, and getting it to work on my GMod server.
I have the DLL (renamed to gmsv_tmysql4_win32.dll) in garrysmod/lua/bin, and libmysql.dll alongside srcds.exe.
I’ve also installed the Visual C++ Redistrib. runtime version 2012 update 4.

For some reason I can’t explain, the module still fails to load with a “Couldn’t load module library!” error.

Does anyone know what’s going on or how to help?

-Short Circuit

May sound stupid but are you sure you’re on Windows?

Yes- I’m running this on a VPS, and can confirm this is Windows Server 2008 R2.

Don’t rename any of the dlls, that could possibly cause an issue. Make sure you’re also using the most up to date MySQLoo modules.

Hmm… Every thread I’ve seen says to rename the TMySQL4 DLL- change the prefix from gm_ to gmsv_…
As for up-to-dateness, I downloaded the DLLs from the TMySQL4 developer’s Google Code repository… So they should be up to date…

EDIT Also, this is the TMySQL4 module we’re talking about here, not MySQLoo…

Make sure you have the C++ X86 redistributes that the module was compiled with.

It was compiled with x86?
I have the VC++ 2012 Update 4 installed for x64… Should I grab x86?

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TMySQL4 runs on x86 libraries, I was running x64.
Installed x86 and it worked first try…

I’m an idiot.