TnB - Past and Present

A few years ago, even a year ago today, TnB was something different, unique and exciting. It was run by a group of admins who (elitist as they were) still provided new opportunities for the roleplay to expand.

Essentially TnB was like Star Trek: The Original Series. Why? It offered something new and in-depth in a roleplay community filled to the brim with DarkRP and other nonsense like that. You could legitimately roleplay seriously in TnB and get serious roleplay (I use that term loosely) back. Players cared about their characters, players played their characters [generally] realistically. Like Star Trek, it may have been a bit cheesy to some, but no one could comprehend what kind of popularity it would eventually evolve into over the years. Spin-offs were made, such as Terminator RP [Next Generation anyone?] and a whole new generation of roleplayers stepped in.

This is essentially what TnB’s become. Flashy, exciting, but with no real substance or meat too it. They’ve disrespected their source material from the actual Half-Life games, and pretty much do whatever the hell they want (Gordon Freeman in fact, hasn’t arrived yet right, so who cares? lolol). Most or all of the best roleplayers have left due to real-life issues, Garry’s Mod roleplay frustration, or like a lot of us - they grew up. Much of the TnB roleplay today is focused on me me me, rather than we we we or story/character development.

The characters themselves are another story. While shortly visiting TnB’s forums, I saw countless “What does your character look like?” threads. These entries are taken directly from those threads:

It should be blatantly obvious what you see. Like the new Star Trek, everyone is modelling their characters after Abcrombie and Fitch models, actresses, actors and “1337 soldurz.” I also don’t mean that by their picture - many of the characters I encountered while roleplaying seriously (again, loose term on TnB) were shallow with absolutely no personality to them; you had the badass soldier, the timid emo girl and the noble/strong man sticking it out. Still don’t believe me? Here’s a signature from one of the most active players on TnB:

Bottom line is: TnB is shit. Well, we knew that already, but shittier (spelling) than before and rapidly declining. Those on the fence about the state about G-Mod roleplay, I hope this helped you in your decision to quit it for good.

Want plot? Wantt character development? Want true emotion, personality and feeling? Read a book or watch a good film.

wow you’re late

I know, I know, i just couldn’t resist the urge to make the post. I was on their forums for 3 seconds, stumbled across the “what does ur char look like” thread and couldn’t help it.

I’d play somewhere else, but the other HL2RPs are terrible. It’s better to settle for the decent with a few dumbass community members, rather than settling for the horrid with a majority of dumbass community members.

That said, though, the first picture I can see what you’re saying. The second is trolly at best, and that member’s signature is just dumb.

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A new roleplay scenario thingy would be better, like how it was when tnb started and tacoscript was new, hl2 rp was new to it all and that made it awesome. Now it’s just roleplaying the shit over and over and the new generation of rpers just think rp is all about trolling and fucking around.

Who cares. It’s just a series of Gmod servers. No need for passionate outbursts on how it’s declining into ruin.

Trekkie, Otherwise you are right

@ChewGum: No. What people need to realize is Garry’s Mod is not a good avenue for roleplay. The playerbase makes it that way, and it’s impossible to change. We need to just let G-Mod dry out and die, but diehards aren’t letting that happen. HL2DM RP died, so did many MUDs. I think it’s G-Mod’s time as well.

@Funk: There are over 100 active players on TnB, being lied to and generally getting into the same shit I got my young 14-year-old mind into a few years ago. Just saying, it’s getting worse and they aren’t realizing what it can do to their social lives.

@OrDnAs: :smiley:

What are you talking about social life and shit. I play g mod for an hour or 2 a day and I have a social life. And g mod is just as good as it was a while ago.

Did I specifically mention your name mark? No. I see some of these kids on the server for 6+ hours straight. That’s the length of an entire school day for christ sake. I understand maybe if it’s an event, but doing this daily, weekdays too, is just horrible for yourself. G-Mod itself is the same as it always was as a platform, but the community is getting worse. As senior players are heading off to college and university, the new kids are coming in, and they’re worse every year. Don’t believe me? Look at the quality of any role-play server, you’ll see no matter how bad or good they began as, they are quickly declining in terms of quality.

Exactly. It’s just a group of servers. I really don’t see what people are getting so worked up about.

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To be honest, if you want to roleplay, GMod really isn’t the place to do it to begin with. It’s far too restrictive; with a limit on chat text, inclusion of tools to disrupt RP (gravgun, physgun, tools, etc), and it’s lack of flexibility. GMod will always restrict RP.

If you want to roleplay, you’d be better off looking into “freeform” RP, which is essentially doen on an Internet forum, or pen and paper role-playing games. I believe there are numerous projects to replicate the Half-Life universe as a role-playing setting using the GURPS RPG

Everyone has a different idea of what makes good roleplay. That’s why the games such as flood work so well. Everyone is playing a fixed role there - they are going to drown unless they build something.

In a free-form RP gamemode (and TnB is one), people will role-play their own way and not everyone will like it.


Well, they aren’t actually roleplaying, they are focusing on an objetive. But roleplaying can be described like that, like focusing on an objetive.

Doug summed it up well - GMod doesn’t work for good role-play. Any true role-player would realize that and would have moved on long ago.

I’m sensing bias. Not that I care; however, it is petty to say, “any true roleplayer yatta yatta blah blah.” Opinions are like asses - everyone has one and they all stink.

In all seriousness, if you dislike TnB so greatly, why bother to care writing about it? It won’t change anything. Those that wish to remain there will do so fervently, and those who despise it will go on continuing to not play there. I don’t see why it’s such a great deal that you simply must bother to write these things up, really. Sure, it’s not as good as it once was, and a lot of people blame the administration’s so-named “incompetence” to be the root source of the issue, but that much is obvious to the masses. Why bother to restate everything? It seems to have become a motif for simply stating, “Hurr, it sucks, let’s talk about how much it sucks.”

Who cares?

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lol what do you care about the quality of roleplay in tnb

if they’re shit they’re shit, either way it doesn’t affect you as you clearly aren’t interested in it (maybe you go on for laughs i dont know lol)

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