TnB Terminator RP Event Recording

I didnt realise someone was recording this, but it turned out good in my eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Credits to Anubis for editing/filming, and acting as the admin respawning the T-600 drones in waves.

Map is a test-version of rp_salvation_2, which I will be fully releasing soon.

The story goes…TechComm (The resistance) fought their way into a Skynet facility, to rescue human prisoners and disable a power grid. However, Command wont send in Helicopter evac until the area is cleared of machines, which are rapidly closing in to counter-attack. Connor orders the men to take up defensive positions on the walls of the compound, and to fight to the death - starship troopers style.

The machines attack in waves, only just managing to be held of by the Resistance using whatever weapons they can find including RPGs and Javelin launchers.

Near the end, Skynet break through the rear wall, forcing the resistance to leg it towards an old combat trench system not far away, where they finally get picked up by the 91st’s Blackhawks.

The whole thing was arranged completely on the fly, no NPCs were used … Resistance and the Terminators are all real people.

See if you can spot John Connor (Me :P) with the huge Rocket Launcher.

Looking good, I must say. Nice job to Anubis, but it really doesn’t compare to the real thing when being involved in an event as such.

Some screenshots from the same event.

Oh fuck I missed this… goddamnit. I wish I had been there, considering I also just got back into TNB again, would’ve made for an interesting return.

Lol @ Terminator saying “We are Legion”.

Looks awesome btw.

ahahaha roleplay