TnK Gaming [US Hosted] | Noob Friendly | No Random Killing| PvP/PvE

Welcome to the thread about our new server!

We have Oxide Mod installed with anti-cheat

To connect open console (F1) and enter:


We only have 50 server slots so HURRY!

-Our server has 3 admins so there will almost always be an admin on!
-Our server will be safe and no hacking and no admin abuse , we also pledge to ban anyone with a perfectly good reason!
-Our server also doesn’t have sleepers cause we all know someone who has died whilst disconnected and lost all their stuff!
-Our server has a non-decompose feature which means your house won’t deteriorate!
-Our server will have regular airdrops too!
-Our server can show your location and your ping

TnK Offer you a great PvP/PvE gaming experience.
It is a PvP server so killing is allowed although we do not support the killing of new spawns as we know it’s frustrating. Players who kill new spawns will be warned and kicked if they excessively continue to kill new spawns.

We are also offering anyone who reads this post FREE Leather armor and a Hunting Bow&Arrows to get you started! All you have to do is contact an admin that WILL be online and quote “TnKGmingLHBA”!

Get started now!

We use the Oxide mod so we tend to offer the most useful mods that are available at that moment.
Some mods we use are:

Personal Message
Kill announcements
And much, much more!

We will also offer competitions to get FREE things from admins, such as challenges.

At certain points we will also have special events, such as a huge brawl and a cage match. We will notify people about this when they happen, maybe on this thread, maybe on the server…
At other points we are going to get an admin to call in an air drop and we will be there to spectate it and whoever kills everyone will win the drop, we will use a supply signal so we know where abouts on the map it is going to drop, this will be a type of ‘game mode’

Our server will also be host to a raiding game, this is a secret to only our server, we will give info to people as they join!

So get into the server now!

Bump it if you’re not gonna join please?:stuck_out_tongue:

We have the newest updates and will also continue to keep updated!