TNS Gmod Stranded

-SNIPED Until 2.2 is released-

EDITED EDIT: 2.2 Fix will be on soon. TO fix the “IsInwater” Glitch and add a few new things…Bear with me guys. YOu can run v1.1 it works fine looks exactly like the original 2.2.1 with all the gamemode not loading errors fixed. So yea please be patient

I’m sorry but I don’t think you have the right to take over the developement yet, even if you can’t contact him

I haven’t really completely taken over anything yet…As I still am crediting him. Im more of just fixing things.

Make a cancel process mode and tribes menu cuz i can’t see any fixed stuff there only few new things . Uf u need me send a message on steam i got some friends whic searching for new stranded mod and testing

Learn to spell, I don’t think anyone will hire you because I don’t know about everyone else, but I hate gamemodes that make the most retarded spelling mistakes.

Yeah i know my spelling and english sucks because my language very different from english . And for me its rly hard .

Oh i can’t wait until it will be released.