To admins.
This user is claiming to have 5 keys and making everyone pm him. Begging and etc. Please ban him for false information.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - MaxOfS2D))

hey im internet famous

hi mom!!!

Hey, if they’re his keys, he can give them to who he pleases or keep them all for himself.

That is not the issue. This user is faking keys, makes people waste time PMing him and then just reply with some really corny stuff. Not something to keep around on a forum tbh.

Each user has 1 key no more. He is trolling you, jesus its like you’ve never been on the internet.

people should know that only developers are going to give out keys

And very popular streamers, Devs/Mods gave them 50 keys each to give out as prizes. Like PsiSyndicate.

I am well aware that he is trolling. i want him to stop. He doesn’t deserve to be on the forums. That is what im trying to state.

and tell me why you deserve to be here

leave moderation to the moderators, if you have a problem with someone PM them or file a report by clicking the

under their name

I don’t go around making people beg to me when I don’t have something I claim to have. You’re the type of scum that needs to be banned. You don’t have 5 keys and you want to feel in power. You’re also a terrible troll and need to be removed. I will keep bumping until gary sees this.

garry doesnt really bother himself with such trivial occurences
by all means, keep bumping, lets see with what that ends


Why does it bother you so much? Don’t be sad that you don’t have a key yet, its only pre-alpha and you’ll get pissed in about 2 seconds of playing because players give no mercy and KoS even for bambi’s and there is a shit ton of hackers so you will hardly be able to do anything until they sort that.

uhm mods

I could care less about the keys. When this kid tries to make my cousin beg and other kids beg it irritates me. I never stated that I was ticked off that he wouldn’t give me the key. Please learn to read. The main problem is that hes going around saying he has 5 keys when he doesn’t.