To all of you complaining about how ''Broken" rust it.

Ok, So you have obtained this game and been warned that it is an ALPHA, I don’t think you quite grasp the concept of ‘‘Early Access’’
I see people on here crying all the time about their game crashing or hackers. People, it’s an alpha release it’s nowhere near a full release so stop treating it as if it was a full release.
And yes, bugs are frustration I get it. But there are thousands of people breaking this game with exploits and bugs and only 1 team of Devs fixing it. Like I said it’s an early access alpha release, you can’t expect to much yet.

Maybe this game needs 20 millions for anti cheat measures, you are right we are all idiots To complain, we paid To test, not To have fun. You prob some fp loverboy.

If you lack the comprehension to understand the content of a purchase agreement, you shouldn’t do any shopping at all. This is an early access/alpha version to support the development of the game, NOT to entertain/please you.

My post might come of as me being a total fanboy and the devs may have been able to test for online glitches alittle more before the release but this photo right here is point and case. I know the games buggy but all else aside I am having a lot of fun with this game

Thanks Im glad a few people understand and all things aside this game is pretty cool.

Tell me your server, Ill buy cheats just for you To test.

You’re an idiot and admit to and will hack on the game when you, yourself are talking about adding 20 million anti hack measures and yes, you basically did pay to test the game hence. “Start playing; get involved with this game as it develops”

Being alpha isn’t an excuse for allowing cheats. If anything it’s completely opposite. Alpha is an active development phase. Retail isn’t. If it’s this bad now, it’s going to be much much worse at retail.

But that’s wrong.

There will be always people who don’t understand ‘‘Early Access’’.
The game is by far not finished yet. And things like cheats and bugs are totally normal for a game in this stage.
Of course they could bring more effort to fight the cheaters, but the actual game is much more important now.
The current bugs must be fixed, new features have to be added. You will have cheaters anyway. No matter in which state. People always will find a way to cheat, but of course this will be a lot harder in the future.

tl;dr: Atm the only way to keep safe from cheaters is to search for a server with fine and active admins.
Future stuff to fight cheaters will come (maybe eventlogging etc).

But for an alpha the game works pretty well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is it wrong?

Crysis 2 was utterly destroyed at retail by AA. Multiplayer became completely unplayable. Crytek freely admitted they were going to do nothing about it. They weren’t going to spend resources post-development to combat cheating.

Cheating is an ongoing battle. You can’t just slap a bandaid on it and call it good. You have to be willing to fight against it. If they aren’t willing to fight it in alpha, what makes you think they’ll put any resources into it in retail?

Crysis 2 was utterly destroyed because the developers simply didn’t care. They didn’t make it hacker-proof during the closed beta and they gave up soon after release.

An Alpha being full of hackers doesn’t mean the retail version will be. Alpha versions are always going to be buggy messes, it’s in their nature. The fact that it’s an open Alpha that got really popular means that bugginess will be exploited. As long as the team is devoted to eliminating hacker threats, the retail release will NOT be full of hackers.

You can’t make something hacker-proof.

This is true, but you can make it hacker resilient. I never said there won’t be any at release, I said it won’t be full of them. There will be drastically less than there are now.

You can.
But the ways to manage that are impossible.
Like 24/7 monitoring of the server.

Allow me to amend my previous statement of “this is true” with “it’s not practical”.

Thats the point.

No, I agree, I’m not the guy you replied to.

Well actually it is practical. The solution is to move everything you can hack to the server so client’s don’t do it (or, if they do, it’s only as a best-guess “prediction” of what the server is also doing). Of course it takes time to do (I think hit detection is already serverside, but movement clearly isn’t since people can noclip and teleport) - I know what’s involved in doing so (I even wrote about it in a book) and it’s by no means “easy”, but still HUGE leaps and bounds more practical than constant 24/7 surveillance.

Haha sorry I misunderstood you. ^^