To all of you naysayers and evil do-ers.... eat your heart out. (And a message for Garry)

So I’ve seen several times threads about how we would like more information, doesn’t have to be a update… but take 15 minutes and tell us where you are at. What you are working on etc…

And all I ever see in response is the typical fanboi complaining (GARRY DOESN’T HAVE TO DO SH** FOR YOU!!!) and (we don’t want him wasting time with updates) (stahp posting this stuff… Garry doesn’t listen) etc etc…

Well, if you take a gander at the main page… apparently Garry DOES listen, apparently he DOES care… and apparently my thread DID do good…

so…to everyone that b1tched and complained… eat your heart out.

Garry/Dev. team:

Thank you!

Its not a update, but honestly… we don’t need a update every week. And like your post said, even if your just getting rid of 3000 lines of code… at least we have an idea of what’s going on, and I appreciate that. Makes me feel like I’m in the loop.

(And if nothing else it gives us something to discuss here on the forums)

And what thread are you referring to. Multiple people were recommending this, including myself.

You want a pat on your shoulder now? Or what?


Haha and the fanbois have returned…

See if I give a **** :smiley:

Fanboy? I was just asking what thread you were referring to. Because I don’t see it. Sounds like you are the fanboy.

Ok, so Garry reiterates his March 5th update to appease impatient people. There’s the devblogs, btw, for reference.

I think that’s what dawiha was referring to, actually.

I have no idea what thread he is referring to, either, since I don’t seem to see any threads he started that were all that useful.

Makes sense. Still, funny that this most recent blog says exactly the same thing as the March 5th one. People need to have more patience.

It says some of the things, mostly in different ways or with more elaboration, and also says more things that weren’t said before. IOW, it doesn’t say ‘exactly the same thing’. One caveat – we may be working from different definitions of ‘exactly the same thing’.

Yes, agreed it goes into more detail, but in the end, to me it reiterates the whole “working behind the scenes” to prepare for greater change.

He’s just shitposting at this point. It’d be better to ignore him.

All you have accomplished is making Garry take 30 mins a week out of his busy schedular to write a update for all the cry babies.

No. He’s taking 30 mins to do part of his job. Do people really not get that. It is part of his job. If he doesn’t want to do it then he should have someone else at Facepunch to write it for him. And no, it’s not for all the cry babies, it’s for all of the people who bought the game including yourself. Every alpha game I own at least has somekind of communication with the community.

Psshh Dewm you’ve dumbvoted a ton of my posts and other people’s posts suggesting people be patient w/ the dev team in update frequency, content etc. You can pretend that your shit is Toblerone, I can still smell it.

I’ll bet you think God and Jesus talk directly to you, personally, too.
Every minute Garry spends reading one of your complaining posts and every minute he spends posting some devblog that essentially tells us “please be reassured I’m actually working” is another minute he’s actually TAKEN AWAY FROM PERFORMING THE WORK.

I suggest y’all put on your big boy pants, forget your delusions of grandeur, and wait patiently for new content.

Did you not look at the tag I put on my own thread? haha yes its a shitpost… hence the reason I put the shitpost tag on there…

you are a clever one… hahaha

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SO you’d rather Garry not take 20 minutes once a week and tell us whats going on, because he’ll miss important coding time?

do you want him to cut his craps short as well? eat lunch at the desk? perhaps keep sleep to a minimum?

now who’s asking more of Garry? lawl

And I do enjoy the part of your post where you somehow bring God into this? and then try to make 3/4ths of the worlds population look stupid… yes… your opinion is super valid… errr no nevermind… its not.

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You get dumbvoted because you are dumb… but thanks for the bump.

Top notch shit post, complete with self-contradictions and snide douchebaggery. applause