To all the complaints of military items too easy/common


I’ve noticed the huge amount of people and complaints going around about how easy it is to obtain guns, how you can build a pistol within a few minutes of starting, and to make it harder to obtain the resources, more resources required to make it, more intricate items needed to build one, etc.

I’ve also noticed the amount of complaints on how unbalanced the game is.

Making the items harder to craft won’t solve anything. It’ll just make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The guy who gets the M4 first will be able to shoot down everyone trying to build the pistol if you make end game harder to reach without any middle ground.

I say we add more common items to the mix, like revolvers and throwing knives and more variety to the pipe/single shot guns, all with different resources required and different abilities.

Make bow+arrow more useful- add a scope or something to improve it’s ability to fire, as well as different bows that provide different damages and ranges.

Add in single shot rifles- Slightly inaccurate but does lots of damage.

Also add in revolvers and hand crafted pistols like 6 shooters and high caliber single shot pistols (I know the 9mm is being replaced but they should keep the 9mm as another end game weapon, and then expand on the hand made guns more)

Or you could just add in tiers of evolving in the game, all with their own unique style and weapons, that are similar in combat ability one level in both directions.

Basically have the tiers instead of:

Caveman (rock)
Tribal (Arrows)
Modern (guns and leather)
End game (guns and kevlar)

Make it:
Caveman (rock) (relate to cavemen)
Primitive (throwing rocks and sticks, cloth drapes) (relate to cavemen)
Tribal (Arrows and clubs, knives and spears, feather/fur dresses and jackets) (relate to native american)
Medieval (Swords and shurikens and throwing knives and crossbows, metal armor/cloth armor) (Relate to ancient Europe)
Revolution (Single shot rifles/pistols, cannons and whatnot, Metal armor and leather armor) (relate to weapons used in American Revolutionary war)
Old West (Hand made pistols, revolvers and basic rifles like lever action and double barrel shotguns, chain armor and leather armor) (Relate to “wild west/American Civil War” guns and lifestyle)
Pre-Modern (Bolt action rifles, semi-automatic handguns, Heavy and inaccurate machine guns, etc, Chain armor, leather/cloth armor) (relate to WWI guns)
Near Modern (Submachine guns, semi-automatic rifles, Trench guns, etc, Armor plating, leather/cloth armor) (Relate to WWII guns)
Modern (Modern SMGs, Snipers, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, etc., Kevlar, leather, ghillie suits, etc) (Relate to cold-war era weapons and whatnot)
Post Modern/End game (Assault rifles, SMGs, modern hand grenades, etc, Kevlar, ghillie suits, ceramic plating, etc) (relate to the most modern weaponry)
[del]Futuristic/end game (Laser guns- Accurate, low damage and fast firing weapons, plasma guns- Inaccurate, slow firing, high damage guns, saw lauchers, etc., Personal Force Field shields, Ceramic plating, shiny tights) (relate to weapons from Fallout, Unreal Tournament, Dead Space, and Star wars. Relate Force Field idea to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic force field protection)[/del] This does seem extremely far fetched in a post apocalyptic world.

The whole idea is that each stage has it’s own unique clothing, it’s own guns that have their ups and downs, ways of infiltrating bases, their own explosive weapons, their own artillery and whatnot. Basically their own way of surviving.

It’s designed so a group that’s one or sometimes two levels behind another can go against higher level enemies toe-to-toe and stand a pretty good chance at having an even match. Like People from the Revolution stage will be able to fight among themselves, and have little to no trouble fighting Primitive and cavemen, but they can fight Old West and Pre-Modern guys, and if they have better tactics or luck, they could win the match and seize the technology to learn from and use for themselves. Hell, it could be so people from old west can fight Post Modern players, and if they stage a HUGE ambush, overrun the Post Modern players and take their gear and then be almost done. The gear is designed to protect similar skilled players from being killed because someone has an assault rifle and pistol while the other has a bow and a hatchet.

Please be constructive in the feedback, I’d like to see what you guys would think about this idea. Feel free to ask questions and whatnot.

Dude this is retarted. really ? laser guns? that guns are so hard to craft even in modern days. cannons? so other bases can shoot with cannons on other? snipers? lol it would more like a battlefield then a survival game. this isnt COD. jeez. levels ? lol this is fully retarted pls close this tread this has nothing to do with this kind of game genre.

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btw i agree with the idea that if they make the items harder the rich will be richer and poor poorer.

…dude… I killed 2 Kevlar guys trying to raid my house with my bow and my naked dick… I can Snipe Ginos with that bow…

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we need more guns like the bolt action rifle

It’s a suggestion. The futuristic part is just an end game thing. Hell it could stop at post modern and be the end game there.

Cannons are artillery. They can be used for base defense or offense.

Also, snipers would be OP’d. Hell, artillery is pushing it.

Furthermore, I never mentioned levels. I mentioned tiers. It’s not like “CONGRATU-FUCKING-LATIONS YOU ARE LEVEL PRE-MODERN” It’s just the way I organized the type of weapons you can get access to when. Like I doubt if you went to the wild now and grabbed metal, you’d make a knife before you made a single shot rifle.

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“The gear is designed to protect similar skilled players from being killed because someone has an assault rifle and pistol while the other has a bow and a hatchet.”

Obviously the kevlar guys were way under your skillset.

well it are bad suggestions.

this isnt a castle war game or something. this is a survival building game where you need to surive in a wide open world full with danger.

lol. you are building in your house and then “BOOM” you head got ripped of. no thanks.

well if there are added tiers, why not add a tank in the pre-modern tier? why dont add heavy artillery? why not add a fighter plane? why not add a submarine? jeez man

People need to read their trello before posting, they have already said they are fixing balancing issues.

to be honest, any modern ish bolt action rifle should act like the famed ‘sniper’

a ‘sniper rifle’ is really just a customized hunting rifle with all the kinks worked out… and we are hand crafting bullets so why wouldn’t our cavemen experiment to make the perfect loads for their weapons.

I like your ideas OP, but IMO the era’s should be shrunk to about half(ie caveman and primitive become 1 thing), and I am not a huge fan of laser weapons as well.

Is that like “your an idiot”? lol

Obviously there need to be more variety in the weaponry, tools and armor… But most of that is ‘just content’ that can be added down the track. There are plenty of people who don’t even want the current top tier weapons in the game though (and I kinda agree with them - imagine everyone having to attack/defend with bow&arrow right now, it’d be fantastic lol).

Something like plate armor would be super useful then too - though it’d slow you down, it should have say +100 or more melee/ranged/zombie defence…

Can’t wait to see what Rust develops into :wink:

dude what? you used your dick to kill the kevlars? you have some magical sperm? or did they die from the gayness? lol

“It’s just the way I organized the type of weapons you can get access to when.”

Meaning that you don’t upgrade to the tier and suddenly your single shot rifle is replaced with a bolt action, it’s just stuff you can get access to from certain era’s. like you can be in the wild west one but know how to make an M4. It’s just how I organized the idea for the word tier to work into this.

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Furthermore, you contradicted yourself.

"this isnt a castle war game or something. this is a survival building game where you need to surive in a wide open world full with danger.

lol. you are building in your house and then “BOOM” you head got ripped of. no thanks."

Isn’t the world being full of danger INCLUDE building a house and then BOOM head’s ripped off?
Also, adding these in wouldn’t add that. It already happens. I tried building a 3x3 and suddenly a bunch of guys came in and shot me in the head.

I don’t like seeing pristine condition weapons, I’m a huge fan of the pipe shotgun and the look of the bolt-action rifle. A jury-rigged assault rifle, either the m4 reskinned or an ak47 like Fallout, would be much preferred than the current m4.

I don’t want to see this game become War Z where people horde weapons for their rarity, and I don’t want to see guns/weapons become the focus. They’re tools, like they are in Day Z. Tools for defense and hunting, they’re not the primary aspect of Rust.

Maybe they are all super easy to obtain in an effort to test their use? if they made everything extremely high level, there wouldn’t be much testing going on…

Every night I pump the gamma up and go hunt kev. guys with a bow and a 9mm pistol just in case.
20 full kev sets in my house. Now with the BAR it got more easy, I sit on a rock and turn a fire inside a shelter and put 50 wood inside to last the night, then I wait for some big fish. Small fish taken down by bows, big kev with the BAR with my mods including the silencer so they wont find me right away.

Nevar forget.

Putting up gamma & usin crosshair is not the same thing? Like a cheat ? Hmm… Whatever, I am sure that a lot of people do it so it’s like ‘‘all do, I do’’…

Changing your gamma is a smart thing to do… not a cheat.

I agree wholeheartedly with you, OP. People complain that the bigger crews have a major advantage. Well, guess what, folks. Making this stuff harder to craft is going to add to this problem. Things should be a chore to achieve, and luckily they are. But making it more so of one is just going to make this game built purely for large groups.

I really hope Garry sticks to his vision of this game, and ignores most of this feedback pouring in, because everything I see would fundamentally ruin everything that is great about this game. I’m sure Garry is a smart guy, though, and knows this fully well.

Keeping things at 1.00 gamma at Rust night is like wearing your sunnies indoors lol

Besides, normally your eyes adjust to low light… And it won’t help you at midnight!