To All The People With Missing Textures And Have No Idea Why

I’ve noticed that of all the people complaining of having ‘purple stuff and wireframes everywhere,’ ~90% of them had not bought HL2 or basically any source game. If you want to have all the textures for most good maps, your steam should look like this:

Not like this:

This is elementary (my dear watson). Infact, you will encounter a lot of problems if you do not own at least Half Life 2. Just buy it, it’s not that much. Plus I don’t think anyone who doesn’t own HL2 can call themselves anything more than a casual gamer.


Oh yea, and Half Life 2 Deathmatch does NOT count :stuck_out_tongue:

All Half Life 2 resources are built into every source game. OP is wrong.

Only pirates get missing textures… Most is pirates atleast, happened to me once but that was a corrupt file or something

Err, untrue. Although all standard Half-Life 2 textures come with every source game and should always be visible in garrysmod, CS:S, episode 1 and 2 textures do not.

Is correct.

But so many people use CSS textures in maps. Makes me angry, they just assume everyone in the world has that game.

Atleast 90% of gmod players have CSS.

You have no reason to complain, mappers can create better worlds with css props and majority will already have it, its 20$ go buy it and stop whining.

You looked at any new maps lately, dipshit? Most have CS:S and at least EP1 shit in it. Plus it’s better to have HL2. Plus I said ‘or basically any source game.’ And HL2:DM/HL2:LC do not count, they simply aren’t big enough to have all the textures, models, sounds etc. So how about you go fuck yourself :v:

Don’t be an ass. He wasn’t even insulting you so why take it too personally? He was 100% correct. ALL source games come with HL2 content. You said you need at least HL2, and your post seemed to imply that the reason the maps didn’t work was because you didn’t have HL2.

HL2:DM does count by the way, as it is a source game - and as such include.

What you SHOULD have said, was that you need extra games for some maps/addons for the content, not that you need at least HL2.

Dude what the crap, there really is no need for that.