To all these new joiners, i have one question.

How far would you go for a rust key?


I’ll put a bullet in your thread. If that gives me one :wink:

How far would you go for a klondyke bar? :v:

I’m gonna watch this thread see how far it goes. :smiley:

will there be sexual acts involved

I would break Garry open like a pinata, and check to see if any keys fell out.

In a serious matter, I would play $20 for a key if that means I’d get the game free of charge when it comes out. Unless it will be free when it comes out. Then I’d pay $5-$10.

I went so far as to draw a picture and i’ll be darned I got a key for it to >.<

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That is so utterly stupid, the game probably won’t even cost that much and would defeat one of the benefits of getting into Alpha, the fact you get the game for free, but you wouldn’t because your willing to pay $20 for it, jesus facepalm

You do realise garry was trolling like 98 percent of you people in that thread.

Most of the pictures there look like they were drawn by stephen hawking.

Yeah, but mine wasn’t one of them and I actually did get a key for it, Garry be not trollin’ me today

it wouldn’t be legal tho

That thread is golden. Actually its not because it shows what kind of community is going to flood Rust.

Trolling? xD He kept me from playing other games so I should be thankful of what he did.

And i’m starting to get better at drawing. Not that i’m gonna do something if I get a key sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

i want a key so bad i would wait so long ive been waiting 3 days ive been trying to get one from livestreamers and drawing a picture

watch utubs - crawl google for this shit - and then bedum tsss register to some forum and try to read all this about an alpha

Keys here.

Keys Here as Well

i would just wait to release i do not care if i get a key.
But its still nice to be loved.

i woud stalk you until i die