To all those asking about the drawing giveaway.

If you read the sticky, you will see a post saying that there is going to be a new method to obtaining keys soon, at least that is what I “got” from the last post in the sticky.

Now however if it means what I think it means then maybe some of the less fortunate or not very talented artists may have a chance to get a key by doing something else.

To any moderators

I am not trying to do any backseat moderation or anything of the likes. I am just hoping to clarify this to some of the community to get rid of the speculation on the drawing giveaway.

(User was banned for this post ("We don't need a thread made everytime we update the sticky..." - postal))

Leave people to their own devices, too many threads are like this and they deserve what they get for not simply taking a couple of minutes reading 2 stickies.

I made this thread to inform those who may not expect the sticky to be receiving updates.
This thread is much more different than those telling people to read the stickies, I see your point however this post was to be informative to those who didn’t get a key from the drawing giveaway. Just because you got a key doesn’t mean that others who didn’t don’t need to know. Of course the sticky is intended to inform them, but as I stated not many are very good forum users so they probably don’t expect a sticky to receive updates.

People can read the sticky, this thread is unnecessary.

As I told the last person this is for those who don’t know the sticky has been updated. Your post is unnecessary. Just saying.

thanks captain

The stickies are there for a reason, they SHOULD read them because they are there for informative purposes.

A new thread isn’t needed to show that a sticky was edited.

Just stop you’re wasting your time if you don’t see any use in the thread then stop posting about it. I never posted it to show that it was, I posted it for those who don’t know, will at least know what it says before. However you are one of those that thinks if you do it then everybody does. Well they don’t as I said some people don’t use forums regularly. Just stop posting in this thread and flooding it with pointless posts, it was mean’t to be an informative post. Just because it’s not news to you doesn’t mean it isn’t for others.

However if a moderator could /thread it would be appreciated before it gets out of hand.

Good guy Xanthoid <3