To all who don't own cs:s

I merely want to help those who were like me.

Many things in GMod use CS:S Content, and many don’t want to pay $20 for materials, but now it is only $5!

For just $5, this weekend, you can get CS:S! I am so happy I will be able to use all the maps and everything now! Please, if you complain about money, take advantage of this!

NOTE TO MODS: I am pretty sure this isn’t breaking any rules, but if it is, please don’t ban me.

thats dissapointing to me, i bought it for $20, i would have rather waited until now, but oh well


not just because im cheap, because i bought it 1 week ago…

Yeah, I know what you mean. Valve does random weekend sales.

They’re not random, since they appear each weekend.

The game however are random(to us)

You can get midweek sales with the exact same thing.

I don’t think we really needed another thread about the sale