To all you newer players: There is a wiki!!!

To anyone who is newer to the game and may have questions regarding the game: There is a wiki page for this game!

Originally started/created by the forum member Kamern , the wiki is a great place to learn the basics of the game and help you get started. There are plenty of beginner guides, created by multiple members of the community. The wiki is currently a WIP, so feel free to add things that apply.
In my opinion its a great start, and I think ever new player should take a quick look through there.
Read, learn, play, and even add your own findings!

Somebody wiped it…

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Nevermind it works now.

You could’ve just bumped the wiki thread you know?

I know, but most new players probably wouldn’t look at it unless they are directly addressed. I wanted to try and make sure people read it. I made sure I gave credit where it was due, or at least I hope I did 0.o.

Thank you, I don’t have a code for the game, But I will not complain and I will just wait for it to come out.

We need a sticky with the wiki link.

I feel like they (developers) might make their own wiki, since they did for Garry’s Mod. I’m not sure though.

Thank you!! i would have never found it !! :smiley: