To anyone that likes post-nuclear simulations - (Cerberus Mapping Challenge)

Okay facepunchers, there’s something you can do that would make the new FalloutMod (aka Cerberus) even more awesome than it will be.

Do you like mapping? Do you like post-apocalyptic simulations? Do you like kittens?

Then the Cerberus mapping challenge is for you!

It’s pretty simple: Make an awesome post-nuclear map! The more junk, the more run-down houses and establishments, the more shanty-towns and hidey-holes, the better!

Go forth and build some 'scapes!

By the way, this isn’t a request per se (if this counts as a request, you’re more than welcome to move it there). It’s just, if anyone loves this kind of stuff, and feels they could make a great map for the revival, you’ve got some motivation. :buddy:

Have you seen GM_Apocalypse? That seems to win your challenge instantly.

No not at all.

Yeah… None of us like mapping here.

We just sit and post things in the mapping section for the sake of it. Since we have nothing else to do with our lifes. :smug:

OP, you’ll get more help in the Requests subforum.

Indeed, but this is in case anyone else felt like making a whole new map to make the mod even more awesome.

It was a rhetorical question. I copy-pasta’d it from the FoM thread. Zing, regardless.

Again, this isn’t really a request - merely providing inspiration.

No, it’s a request. Stop acting like it isn’t.

No you’re not. An advertisement for a gamemode jumbled up in a few sentences isn’t giving anyone inspiration. You’re asking us to pull out a quality map from our asses. So yes, it really is more of a request.


Okay, I’ll prove you wrong.

OP is the ideas guy :v:

gm_apocalypse = the best of the best post-nuclear maps
no point to make another map

Speak for yourself. I spend my time mailing dead squids and whale heads to people.

I thought it was just the dead squids? :confused:

Yeah and I make sure IronPhoenix’s squid supplies are sufficient enough to mail to every cunt he comes across.

That’s true, but unlike most ideas guys, I’m actually doing it.

Thanks for the moral support :v:

Doing what? Being the ideas guy?

No, making the gamemode. :frog:

Show us your Lua skills?

He’d need a lua coder for that

Well…horse heads are so overrated…what people really want is to wake up with half a whale next to them…

I’m actually working on a post apoc map at the moment. There is a slight problem though…wrong engine :slight_smile: