"To be a true cowboy was my fate"

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ohohoho oh yes


Love it

thanks man :3


my hat’s off to ye


I’m never going to get tired of 40k poses here

:v: I enjoy making them… different.

This…is…BOSS!! Thank you for making my day Angry Man! Makes me want to finish off my Hate Marines quicker to see what people like you can do with them.

New Policy adopted: Death to Mingebags.

burn the mingebag, kill the mingebag, purge the mingebag

Well said!

Suffer not the mingebag to live. I think that’s rather prudent here.

Haha, can’t hit winner enough times!

:3 thanks guys!
does the song match?

filesmelt is down -_-

The mingebag’s grave is the keystone of the Imperium.

filesmelt sucks anyway