To Be Free -- Resistance holding their ground!

See originally edited image here.

blatantly stolen from iron grip warlord (best game ever btw) but, honestly, it is so worth it.


made for uberslug’s competition. never bothered to post it in the thread. why bother.

Three hours posing and set design. oops.

It looks like a few of the earlier last stand images I made last month.

But your’s is always better. :saddowns:

What. Either you’re lying or this is one epic scene build.


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what are they resisting

but cool none the less

they’re shooting at the cow menace who enslaved humanity and forced humans to be milked

the problem with it is that the right side of the scene is amazing and the left is just uh


holy FUCK that scenebuild

Updated with an entirely new image – more action, more grit.

This doesnt deserve dumbs, this deserves more paint.
Awesome picture right there. The muzzleflashes look kinda wrong though, they are too blurred for my taste.

i love you

I don’t see much of a difference, other than the muzzleflashes and a guy getting shot.

Posing is kinda wonky on some of them as well, especially the guy on the right waving and pointing. His posing is awful.

Nice reskins.

The new version kicks ass.

I can tolerate the wonky posing on the front soldier because the atmosphere and everything else looks pretty awesome.

Nice scene build.

Looks like you just added some brown to the original. I kinda don’t like overall, there’s way too much aliasing everywhere and posing, even if well done, kinda doesn’t fit, the guy leaning on the tank for example. You’ve done better.

The scene build is good. The colors are a bit yucky. It looks like a mock up of killzone but a lot of the shading is just shadows and highlights. Which doesn’t exactly work to well with the light source. As mentioned the posing is lacking, and I have to agree. This looks like a hey let’s pose in front of a camera for mom. Because the guy pointing and all of the badass poses just ruin it.
Getting shaky there baker.

To be honest I liked it more with the reddish uniforms compared to the fully black ones.