To developers, I am reporting the glitcher and want them all banned.

These three guys on the list below have sure used hack which are famous and everybody knows their glitching.


I and my friends had several headshots when we’re defending our base.
He couldn’t shoot us properly when he and we were at close range when I assume he didn’t turned his hack on but after that moment, he kills us with only three shots without any recoils and from range very far which surely indicates the usage of hack.

I and my friends will quit this game and will tell it all to people we know who are and will play this game to not play this game if he and his hacking team doesn’t get banned or at least inspection.

This usage of hack is too obvious and all the people except his friends will quit and delete this game if these series of glitching are not stopped. Please do some thing to stop the hackers.

Thank you for reading such words from me and eager to see the reply of the devs.

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky. Don't report hackers here please" - Novangel))

Did you report them via the in-game report feature?

I and my friend did but we’re not getting the response nor the actual things done so far.