To Emulate a Jet Turbine

Couple of questions.
First off, how can i make some particles that move sideways at a high velocity (ie: emulating wind rushing through a giant walk-in turbine)
and how to i use ENV_Shake to make the turbine rumble?

Look up some particle editor tutorials on youtube, to access the particle editor, run hl2:ep2 with the “-tools” command, or whatever game you’re trying to map for.

env_shake will only make the players view rumble, I don’t understand what effect you’re trying to get there.

im TRYING to make the view rumble, i just cant get it to rumble.

Give the entity a name and then trigger it with something, presumably a (func_button “CTRL-T a Brush”) or a trigger_multiple.

-fucking ninja’d-

And env_shake with the “Physics” spawnflags checked will also rumble items laying around.