to everyone on garrys mod

recently i have seen rigs of rods stuff in gmod

we have no problem with it but at least CREDIT the people who have made them

and please get permission from the makers we spend to much time making stuff

thank you
yours 3dracer01

Rigs of what?

What are you talking about? Are you speaking for someone? Who’s we? This thread is just a big mess.

im talking about maps and other things starting to apper in gmod that are from another game called
rigs of rods

I’ve never seen any of that stuff in Garry’s Mod.

Would you like to give us examples?


ror bajarama by sneer

and there was other and i cant find them

but it dosent matter all we want is that you contact the maker for permission than give credit to him or her before uploading to your download page

Looks to me like they just remade the map in Source. Actually:
“This map is made using a heightmap from ROR”- from the download link you posted. It would appear they did in fact cite their source, already giving this Rigs of Rods game the credit it’s due.

Instead of complaining here, why don’t you complain in the map’s thread.

Looks like all the credits are there in the thread.

They can’t “steal” things from RoR, since Garrysmod is a Source Engine mod, and RoR runs on a different engine. In order to create that map, they used a heightmap from RoR, which they give credit to in the description.
Damn, double ninja’d.

sooooo sneer deserves some CREDIT

Is this a ban-me thread?

Sneer made the map? If he did, I didn’t know as there’s no author info ingame in Rigs Of Rods (0.36.2) Sorry about that, I credited the Heightmap and the terrain texture from Rigs of Rods, because that’s the only thing I ported, no models and stuff. I may credit sneer on my v2 release, depends if you can show me if he really maked the map, show me a thread or any proof, Sorry about that if sneer really make the map, I tried getting the right sources but theres no author specified ingame in RoR.

get out