"To feel the love"


Don’t know how to post videos, but if someone would like to listen a song that inspired me to create this pic, here is the link

Looks like the guy just dumped her twin.

I think the guy in the car is making a drug deal

No, he’s prostituting…

Cute. Remember jpeg quality 100 though!

Good job making cs_assault looking like that.

Where’d you get those skins?
And the Cars?

It’s really nice, i like it.

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Holy Mother of Chaos, :psyboom:
Somebody actualy posted a picture, not involving useless violence, complete stupidity or anything else that is typical facepunch bulls#!t.
There might be hope for the board after all. :rolleyes:

The execution of this project is … well, let’s say it’s beyond amateur work:

It has a nice camera angle, not much graphical filtering (but also not filter rape) and props are scattered in a way to give it a living behavior.
However, the ragdolls are posed waaaaaaay too stiff.
I can’t see, that they perform a really fluid movement.

My advice:
Practise a 'lil bit more on ragdoll posing but more importantly, keep up those anti-generic ideas. :waycool:

rebel without a pulse

That bald guy has got his eye on that unattended motorcycle

This looks good it looks like he is hugging her because of a loss in the family or something to that effect :stuck_out_tongue:

But its a great pose.

Link to skins?