To Gain Popularity

Hello everyone! my name is kruel kramer, but my screen name is archemyde. i wanted to ask the facepunch population if they knew any ways to attract good players to a server.
Info on my server(s)
I run a zombie survival with alot of custom content. it’s very balanced and pretty fun for a ZS.
This server is fairly new, within the past month.
We also have a TTT and a TF2, but those are on the backburner.
How would i attract good players, if players at all?

The custom content is probably irritating for people to download, but under the circumstances it would be stupid to remove it. Do you have a FastDL?
Get a couple of friends to go on the server, people join servers with more people on them. TTT is very popular, try and get people on that and then advertise your other two servers to try and get players to both.