To Garry/devs

I’d like to say thank you for finally starting to keep us updated daily on what you guys are working on, what’s going on and what not. In the past 2 days, garry has updated us on the sleeper options, why it’s there, what they envisioned with it, you have given us an update on the ddos(just letting us know that you guys were trying to fight it was very appreciated, and that unfortunately it was still under attack). Then you gave us the preview of the new map to give is an idea of what helk and pat were doing in the past few weeks(pat was probably working on something else unknown or maybe the map who knows. And finally the great news about Steam today.

I am making this thread to mainly say thanks, but also ask you guys to keep doing so, yes it might be a pain to keep us in the loop and all. But just letting us know you are trying to fix the no-clippers issue, or doing x thing is just keeping our faith in this game we all believe will become great. We have the same or close vision of what this game could become and we just ask of you guys to let us in in that process.

Also my last point, for those of you who finds exploits like that no clipping, when you do, PLEASE, inform helk, pat, max or garry and give them a detailed guide on how to do it exactly. Then refrain from using it and giving it to your friends. Yes at times it might feel tempting to use it for some of you guys(me I’ve never been a fan of cheating) but instead, by acting as a bigger man you save time for the devs, for the mods here(you guys always complain about how they ban everyone, have you seen how many shit threads there is everywhere, this forum is huge and the only way to keep a bit of order in this mess is being super easy on the ban hammer, not to mention 3-6 months ago they zergling 12 years old kids creating 20 thread per day asking for keys).

Anyhow, keep working on the game hard, we’ll do our job(the best imo :P) we’ll play your game hahaha and keep us on in the loop.

Agreed. You guys are awesome, and I’d definitely like to throw my personal thanks into the mix for the updates. Yeah, we’re a pain in your ass, we know =)

When it comes to sheer visceral emotion, adrenaline and honest hilarity, this has been the best game I’ve played in years. I also thank you, and hope you will continue to update us as you develop this masterpiece.